Friday, September 11, 2009

Openings and Buds

Myeongbeom Kim, Deer, Deer, Taxiderm, Leaves, Tree Branches, 2008, 157 x 217 x 217 inches, Doosan Gallery
It turned out to be a big night in New York City. Fashion Night Out was in full effect, with designer parties happening all around as the young and fashionable ran around town in their best designer threads. It also happened be a Thursday night, and as I anticipated yesterday, the Chelsea art district would be busy with crowds gallery hopping.
The first stop was Lyons Wier Gallery.  I was there to see Ryan Bradley's show, a group of large pastel on paper portraits full of details and done so beautifully, it needed time to take in the great talent this artist showed.  Once Clinton and I had a good look and discussed his color and technique we moved on to the other galleries in Chelsea.   
It has been a known fact that the bad economy hit the gallery industry pretty hard last year. Before things started to get bad for the rest of the country, galleries started closing their doors and going out of business.  This was very apparent last night as we noticed that wine was no longer being served at most openings, and for those galleries who had a little bit of budget to splurge, they were serving Budweiser.  As we walked into Marianne Boesky Gallery we were greeted by a large plastic bin with melted ice and cans of Buds floating.  Next to it, a big garbage container full of  empty cans of the king of the night, Budweiser.  
In the search for good art amids the crowded street we arrived at Mike Weiss Gallery. We were in for a treat! 
Yigal Ozeri at Mike Weiss Gallery
At first I thought we were in a photography show, a group of pieces that looked like a photo shoot for Vogue or some other big cutting edge fashion magazine.  Coming face to face with the work it was obvious that hanging on the pristine white walls were oil painting on paper.  
At that moment I was mesmerized, and not so much because the paintings were realistic (realistic, realism, etc., I hate those terms), but because Yigal Ozeri had captured light and air in such a grand way.  In front of his work I was looking at life and time and the wonders of a poetic talent determined to create beauty.   
Viewer looking at Yigal Ozeri, at Mike Weiss Gallery
Rushing around, trying to see as many shows as possible before they closed at 8p.m., we walked into Gladstone Gallery.  On display Magnum Plessen's paintings were on display.  
Looking at so much art can be draining, too much information can leave you confused, but if you are able to find one artist and their work to delight your senses and hunger for good art, then you can say that gallery hopping night was a success.  

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