Shades of Blue

It's been a while since I last posted in this blog.  I've been busy with a number of things that have kept me away...all good things.  While I was away I took part of a group exhibition titled Shades of Blue.  This has been the first physical exhibition I've been part of since early 2019, and it was amazing to see one of my pieces sharing the same space with an amazing group of artists.  

These are a few photos of the exhibition installation, thank you to Lisa Lebosfky for sharing them and for throwing my name in the mix.  

Shades of Blue: Drawings, Watercolors, and Works on Paper

Featuring: Juliette Aristides, Steven Assael, Anne-Marie Belli, Luis Colan, Andrew S. Conklin, Diana Corvelle, Grace Athena Flott, Brooks Frederick, Andrew Hockenberry, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Maria Kreyn, Lisa Lebofsky, Liz Lindstrom, Zachari Logan, Daniel Maidman, Hyeseung Marriage-Song, Sherrie McGraw, Edward Minoff, Alexey Steele, Alexandra Tyng, Dorian Vallejo, Melanie Vote, Patricia Watwood, and More

Curated by: Michael Gormley and Patricia Watwood

Presented by: Equity Gallery, Portraits, Inc. and RayMar Art

Equity Online Marketplace
Feb. 15th - May 16th , 2021

DFN Projects, New York, NY
Feb. 14th - Mar. 12th , 2021
Monday — Friday, 11 AM — 4 PM
Courtyard Tea Reception: Sunday, Feb. 14, 2 — 4 PM

Here are two online features on the exhibition: Realism Today and Art Week.


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