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A Few Drawings...

The Oak II , 2018/2020, pen and ink over monotype ghost print, image 8 x 6 inches, sheet 11 x 8 1/2 inches These drawings are from the second half of 2020, a year which feels like it was long ago and at the same time, like it was only  yesterday.  A moment suspended in time, that's what I've been told these landscapes look like, and it seems fitting since they were created during the year the world stopped.  I have continued working on these drawings as I learn more about fountain pens and the differences between brands.  I'm hopping to scale up the work this year, and perhaps use a glass pen which will give me more control of the weight of my lines.  I'm also thinking of exploring other ink colors, which can get tricky since some ghost prints are darker than others and that changes the perception of the ink color applied on top.  But that's enough shop talk for now and  I'll leave you with this last set of landscapes from 2020.        El Arroyo , 2018/2020, pen

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