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Drop the Beet!

Untitled, 2021, brush and handmade beet ink, over drypoint, on paper, image 6 x 9 inches, sheet 9 x 12 inches.  I have been exploring drawing, and it's many possibilities, a little more this year.  Such is the case with this drawing, which began as a failed attempt at a drypoint.  Towards the end of last year decided to give drypoint a try.  COVID lockdowns were still a thing, print shops and schools remained closed, and I had no access to work on monotypes or etchings.  I had began studying etching earlier in 2020 but that was cut short.  I thought dry point would be an easy and ideal process for me to try until I could resume my etching class.  Scratch into the surface of the copper plate, and that's it, easy right?  At first it seemed I was heading in the right direction.  After each session of work I would ink up the plate just to check on my progress.  On the plate, it looked good, and I thought I was ready to print. After finally getting access to a press, I ran my drypoi

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