Thursday, June 15, 2017

Christmas in June!

Preliminary sketch submitted, this one got me the gig

Last week I received a commission with a reputable advertising/branding/publishing company here in NYC.  The task at hand is to create a Christmas card for their clients with the theme of Cape Town and included in the design there must be a Christmas tree.   
Did I forget to mention the image must be executed in watercolor?  The clients are keeping with the tradition that every year they have an artist come up with a watercolor design for their cards, in the last couple of years the images have become more complex and they feature their love of travel.  Each year is a new place and a new obsession. 
This gig is straight up my alley! I love to travel, I paint, and I love let's do this thing!
It didn't take long after receiving word that I was chosen out of four finalists for me to take out most of my watercolor boxes and begin playing.  I have to be honest, it felt good to have all my paints laid out on my kitchen counter ready to work hard.  
Work hard we did!  On the first night I went to bed a little after 1am, but it didn't matter, I was on a roll with the first sketch.  
On the second night I finished the first sketch and began the second one (pictured above), on this night I went to bed at 3am.  Talk about being obsessed. 
Day three and work continues on the second sketch.  This time I'm starting to get into the groove again. It's been so long since I've worked with watercolor, I forget how beautiful of a medium it can be. 
Day four and by now I have moved on to the third and final sketch to be presented.  Another 1 or 2am. session.  Long nights of hard work paid off, I am very happy with the designs, but as with any commission it is not your vision that matters most, it's the clients', so I'm crossing my fingers I don't have to make too many changes.
So much for crossing my fingers, before the clients could see the designs I was asked to make a revision on the first sketch.  Back to the drawing board, or my kitchen counter to be exact, and one more night of little sleep!

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