The London Sketchbook

At the beginning of the year I was contacted by a collector who was interested in four drawings.  After some conversations the commission evolved from four sketchbook pages, to six drawings in the full book.  Two of those drawings were to be in full color and as double page layouts.   

These are the drawings made for what I'm calling the London Sketchbook, due to it's current place of residence.  The first five drawings are done with ballpoint pens, including the two page, full color drawing which is a mix of different colored pens.  The final drawing is a mix of watercolor and ballpoint pen layers, a technique I have been wanting to explore more in depth.    

As with most of my sketchbook drawings, these are all done from imagination, only using what I've learned through my years of plein air painting as reference and inspiration.  

The sketchbook is now safe in it's new home and the collector is very happy with it.  His plan is to have a custom built display which will allow the sketchbook to hang on the wall while a devise turns the pages.  Included in the book are a number of other things to make this sketchbook more authentic feeling as if it had been with me for a while.  To get a full a experience check out the video below.  


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