Drawn to Nature: Sketchbook Drawing with Pen and Ink

This past Sunday I taught my first virtual drawing workshop, Drawn to Nature: Sketchbook Drawing with Pen and Ink.  The event is hosted by The Teaching Studios of Art, the atelier I was a student of in 2009.  We originally scheduled a two day workshop of August, but after it sold out and people were put in a waiting list, we added a second round for September with more spots available.  That workshop has sold out as well.   

I had a great time discussing with students the different types of pens I use, and demonstrating my technique.  Many questions were answered, and there were many laughs as well. 

We all got to draw from a Corot print reproduction, this was my way of introducing them to the rollerball and instructed them to let themselves relax and let the pen glide through the use of gesture lines.  Many people are intimidated of drawing with pen because they see it as an unforgiving medium.  This exercise allowed them to loose some of that fear.  

After everyone was warmed up and they received critiques, I moved on to the last part of the day with the final demo.  I began drawing using a ballpoint pen and walked them through my process.  On the second day of the workshop I will continue to work on this drawing and the students will get most of the day to work on theirs.  More to come! 


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