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Moleskine Sketchbook 7, Part 1

Earlier this year, during confinement, I began a new sketchbook; but was it really new?  In 2006 I decided to keep a sketchbook solely dedicated to color mixing as reference for paintings.  That only lasted for a handful of pages, and since that year this sketchbook has been sitting on my shelf untouched.  Somehow long ago I decided that since this book had oil paint swatches on it that it could no longer serve as a “regular” sketchbook.  I’m a little strange that way, once I get something in my head it stays that way and it takes a while to realize that not all things or ideas are permanent.  So I began to take notes in this “new” book and before I knew it I began to draw in it.   After finding some sort of success with my sketchbook on Instagram I became precious with it and was only doing detailed landscape drawings.  Again, nothing is set in stone and no one said I could only do landscape sketches/drawings in my sketchbook.  Besides, the reason for keeping a sketchbook is for jott

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