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Chocolat Show Off, and I'm Not Mad About It

My first cappuccino and sketchbook photo on Instagram, May 14, 2018,  Astoria Coffee.
I've been listening to a podcast about Paris and the Parisian lifestyle, and one of the things that has been mentioned a few times is the Chocolat Show-Off!  This is a snarky or cheeky way of describing the inevitable Instagram photo of a perfect coffee cup in an ideal coffee shop or restaurant.  Although this may be looked down upon or laughed at by some, I thought I take a little stroll down memory lane of my coffee and sketchbook posts!  

Getting some sketching done while waiting for 7pm free admission at the Morgan Library,  August 17, 2018, Piccolo Cafe
May 2018 is when it all began.  I needed to have a place where I could feel creative, at the point my life consisted of going to work, and head straight home after.  The monotony was stifling, I had stopped painting, and all I had was my sketchbook which was my only creative outlet.    I needed a new kind of stimulus and so I went to the coffe…

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