Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Small Grisaille

Temperature has dropped dramatically since yesterday after a nice, almost warm, Sunday. Arctic like wind has been sweeping the city, not the best kind of weather to be walking around. I stayed in and made use of the sunny day to take new pictures of some of my paintings. I'm getting ready to update my website, and new images are in order since the originals that are currently up are of bad quality. I wanted to paint after I was done, but I always find it hard to continue work on unfinished paintings. I always need a warm up, sometimes this may consist of cleaning my palette, or of laying out new paint. But I didn't feel like doing any of that today. I wanted to paint and I didn't know how to get me going. Then I thought maybe I could start a small still life in grisaille. This would be a perfect way of testing out Occhuzzie. Lance and Brandi, from Occhuzzie Paint Company were so generous to send me some samples of their paint. It is now that I'm starting to test it out. For this little still life I started working with Turkey Umber and Flake White. My idea for this is to develop a full grisaille painting so that I could slowly build up color through glazing. I'm more of a direct painter and working this way is not new to me but it is a little rare. So far the paint is great, it has good body, consistency and tinting strength. I'm loving the Flake White, it's not as yellow as Williamsburg or Old Holland. More to come as the painting develops.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Taking a Break

I have been taking a little break from the blogosphere, as my absence of blog posts can show. This time of year usually tends to be more hectic and it starts early. It seems like once Halloween kicks in, the remaining holidays of the year follow back to back. I haven't been painting much, although there are a few nights here and there where I pick up a brush for just a few minutes. Such night was last night. Life has been moving a little too quickly and I'm waiting for things to calm down after the New Year. I have lots of ideas I would like to see realized, but for the time being I'm enjoying lots of home cooked meals and watching my belly grow!