Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Work

Finally the time has come! I spent most of yesterday afternoon finishing my studio set up. In the last couple of weeks I took things out of boxes little by little and tried to find the best place for them.
First I had to set the bookshelves and put all the books out, since most of the boxes contained them and they were taking too much space. I moved on to other things, and it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I was able to completely finish clearing out everything and picking up loose ends from the floor and my desk. Postcards went up above my computer desk and away from the new painting wall. I want to be able to use this wall for larger paintings and I needed a blank space for future work.
I started working last night after my clean up, adding a few more layers to Nando's portrait which has been siting on my easel waiting for me to give it some love. I will post more on the progress of that portrait and of the landscape I didn't finish before the move in the coming days. For now I feel a great relief that life can go back to normal.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Landscape

By the Stream, 2002, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches
One of the joys of going back to my parents' is finding old drawings and paintings I didn't think still existed. My mother, bless her heart, has always been a fan of going through the trash and pulling out work I used to throw away. From time to time I go through one of those moods when I cut, chop, and tear work I think is not good enough. From time to time I see these random pieces of my past displayed in my mother's bedroom walls, and one of her proud pieces is this landscape. It was interesting to see again, especially now that I'm working on landscapes. I can see some of my growth from this but at the same time I still see the same paint application, the same hand at work. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I enjoyed revisiting this painting and its memories none the less.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Start

Happy belated new year to all! 2009 literally started with everything new for me. On new years eve I moved out of my apartment to a new place near by. After two years of dealing with a crazy 80 something year old Italian landlady my roommate and I decided it was time to pack up and go once we found a better deal.
The move was hard, it was a cold night and midnight came for me at the back of a uhaul truck. But I'm at a better place and it has not taken long for me to feel comfortable in the new space. I'm in the precess of unpacking, so at the moment I won't be able to start painting for maybe another week. Slowly things are getting back to normal though, like getting my cable and Internet installed today! Just in time for today's post.
As I settle in I have been thinking of my new year's resolutions, which are just an extent from last year. One and for most, I have to take care of my health and my body. I can't keep going out and living the crazy social life I've had last year. It became my second full time job, and granted yes I did get to meet some good people, I realize I need to set some limits for myself. Second is my art. I didn't reach my goal of completing at least ten paintings in 2008, but in all it was a better artistic year than 2007. This year I have to keep working and take more risks in my work. Third, I need to set money aside so I could take the trip I've always wanted, a tour of some of the major towns and cities of Italy. Fourth resolution is to acquire more knowledge in wine. I bought a few bottles last night so I seem to be going on the right track with this one. The fifth and last resolution is to keep my family and friends closer and to get rid of people who make no positive difference in my life, and it seems I already started that last year.
For the moment I'm just trying to familiarize myself with my new routine and taking one step at a time. Happy New Year every one and hope you reach your goals! Cheers to 2009!