Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Moleskine Sketchbook 6, part 1

A new sketchbook has been underway since Labor Day weekend, and so far it seems like I'm filling it faster than previous books.
I'm trying a variety of pens, branching away from my usual black Uniball Vision Elite pen which has been my trusted companion for years.
Regardless of all the new pens I've been purchasing since last summer, nothing feels better than the one you've grown accustomed to.  There is nothing new to figure out, it always performs the way I want it to.
I did find this pen though, the Pentel Hybrid Technica, a gel pen with a fine point that just glides on the page.  The big plus is that it is black pigmented, bleed proof, water and fade resistant.  Any pen with water resistant ink is ideal since recently my water bottle opened in my bag and spilled all over my sketchbook.  All the pages were wet, but thanks to the pen I have been suing none of the actual drawings were damaged. 
I will be posting more photos of this sketchbook as I continue to fill it up.  Actually, most of my work now is mostly done in the book, especially since it has been getting some notoriety on Instagram.  If you are not following me yet then I suggest you do...I tend to update that account more often than the blog.