Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tasty Treat

Strawberry Vanilla, 2008, oil on linen, 7 x 8 inches
Man it was a rough day at work today. The kind that knocks your moral down a little and also hypes up your determination. I wondered how I could get rid of my stress? Should I work out or should I paint? It was an easy choice as I passed the neighborhood bakery. Buy a treat, paint it and then eat it! This was my way of dealing with a hard day at work.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Productive Sunday

It has been one of those feel good days, the kind when you get everything you wanted to get done and still have time to relax. After cleaning a messy kitchen I got to work on sizing canvas. It had to be done since I let the rabbit skin glue soak for a few days and didn't want to let it go to waste. The main priority was sizing a 30 x 36 canvas which will be an important painting for me. I was able to size eleven more canvases and one panel. Talk about a busy Sunday!
Somehow I managed to spend a short time on Nando's portrait, which has been going steady. This image shows a scary point in the picture, but I'm confident in the direction I will be taking it from here on. As always trying to find the right background color is important, and here I'm trying to correct a bad choice.

Friday, May 02, 2008

More on Nando

I spent most of last night working on Nando's portrait. One thing led to another and before I knew it it was 2 a.m. There was something that was working right from the start, the sketch came out easy and the paint started getting thicker as it dried on the canvas. This allowed me to keep adding paint.
For the moment the painting is in it's rough state, I will be working on it more during the week. This painting has made me realize that maybe I might need to chuck away Steve's painting and start over from the ground up, new canvas and all. I think the problem with that painting is that it has so many layers that I've lost the texture of the canvas, which helps to grab paint without it getting smeared. Not sure if I'll rip the canvas from the stretchers just yet, I will work on it more this week and see where it goes from there. Wish me luck with Steve, but as far as Nando is concerned, it's a smooth sail, just like the kind of person he is.

Proving I Can Do It

I've painted two portraits before successfully and the third one has been a battle and I don't understand why? Trying to redeem myself I started another portrait in hopes that I would prove myself that I can do this. So far this fourth one is going on the right direction from day one. Above is the quick sketch of what the final composition will be, nothing grand or complex, just my friend Nando's face and his red shirt. This first layer was exciting to see evolve to something better. I worked on the picture more after taking this photo, and although it is only the first sitting I'm being tempted to keep it in its raw sketchy state. The flesh tones are alive and I fined tuned Nando's features more, like moving one eye down and giving him a soft Mona Lisa smile. I can't wait to show more on the progress of this painting.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Never Ending Story

Still fighting the fight with Steve's portrait. I have been working on this painting continuously trying to finish it. There are days when it seems like I'm getting to the point where I want it but when I come back the next day more changes need to be made. I'm having small problems with the flesh tones in the face, it's starting to look like a plastic doll, a very irritating situations since this is not the first time I paint Steve's portrait. I'm working with the first portrait next to the new one to help me see what I did right. But even so this large portrait is not being cooperative. Slowly but surely I will get it right. I just painted out the left arm because it was in an awquard position. That's an easy one though, is the face that's got me pulling my hair!