Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Last Few Pages, Part 1

Recently I completed my fifth Moleskine Sketchbook which is great because I get to move on to another one with endless possibilities, and on the other hand it is like saying goodbye to a long time companion.  Once the book goes on the shelf I rarely look at it again.
The last few pages of this sketchbook were exciting because I started working with different things such as fountain pens and watercolor. 
I've always know that this sketchbook is not meant for watercolor, but decided to try it out anyway.  The paper is thick enough that it should be able to hold up.  To my surprise it absorbed water quicker than expect, it wasn't ideal but it did exceed my expectations.  Only down side is that the yellow color of the paper can change the appearance of colors.  I'm working with old Moleskine Sketchbooks when they used to be made with a very yellow paper and a little thicker than the newer ones.  I was able to buy a few at a discount when I worked at Kremer Pigments many years ago and then a received 5 free ones from Moleskine when I participated in their first sketchbook tour which exhibited books from around the world at different art and stationary fairs. 
As always my trusted tool remains the UniBall Vision Elite pen.  Ink flows great, it sticks to the paper right away and it dries fast.  No smudging has ever occurred from using this pen. 
The fine point of this pen also allows me to get more detailed if I need to and gestural when necessary.  I'm a big fan of this pen. 
I'm mostly a tea drinker, and at nights when I'm home there's nothing better than making a pot of tea and sketching the night away. 
There are times though when the mood is right I end up at a coffee house and all I want to drink is a cappuccino.  An Italian friend made fun of Americans for drinking cappuccino at any time of day, she said that it is only a breakfast drink and that not respectable Italian gets caught with one after breakfast.  True or not I don't care, I love cappuccinos and I live in America, so the Italian rules don't apply.  Besides it goes well with my sketching and fountain pen. 
Another cup of cappuccino down in the late afternoon...I'm such a rebel!  I'll be posting a few more of the last pages of Moleskine Sketchbook No.5 in the coming days, so come back and check it out. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Moleskines to Die For!

Doing a random search online for Moleskine sketchbooks I came across these three artists.  It's always interesting to see what people do in these little black books which have a huge following world wide.  Each one of these three artists has a different vision and style, but all are connected through the expression of drawing/sketching on a regular basis.

These three books are a testament of how creativity is boundless, all you have to do is pick up a pen or pencil and start putting down some lines on paper, you might be surprised where that may take you.  I hope you enjoy these videos by Marco Mazzoni, Nicolas Weis, and Little Su.