Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February Monotypes

Tranquilidad Campestre, 2017, monotype, image 6 x 8 inches, sheet 8 1/2 x 11 inches 

 These are some of the most recent monotypes I've done.  This group was actually created in one long night at Salmagundi Club's 2017 Draw-A-Thon, which ran from Friday Feb. 24, 9pm - Saturday Feb. 25, 6am.
Water's Edge, 2017, monotype, image 6 x 8 inches, sheet 8 1/2 x 11 inches 

There are always a number of challenges when making any sort of art, and in this case you add the factor of sleep deprivation, which can affect your judgement.  To my luck my lack of sleep didn't affect my prints and I did not end up with kooky images.  Although I'm sure some may have enjoyed a little bit of strangeness in my landscapes.  
Paisaje Bucolico, Irlanda, 2017, monotype, image 12 x 18 inches, sheet 17 x 23 inches

This was also the night when I decided to go big!  This 12 x 18  print was definitely fun to make, something about the size allowed me to flow better.  I can say that I'm hooked on working this big.  
Arboles y Pradera, 2017, monotype, image 6 x 8 inches, sheet 8 1/2 x 11 inches 

On these all night drawing/printing parties the goal is to make six prints, if not more.  To my relieve I have been able to cut my time down on most of these, almost one hour per plate.  On the larger prints a little bit of more time is required, but that is expected. 
Untitled, 2017, monotype, image 8 x 10 inches, sheet 11 x 13 inches 

There are times when prints are successful, and times when they are not.  Sometimes things are not as obvious on the plate, and you are made aware of necessary changes after it has been printed, which is too late by then.  Such is the case with this print.  There are some things I could have done better but there's nothing I can do about it now.  Although I beat myself down for this, it seems like this was a favorite of some people on Facebook.  Go figure!
Gathering on a Hill, 2017, monotype, image 10 x 8 inches, sheet 13 x 11 inches 

I usually work from drawings in my sketchbook; imaginary landscapes done with pen as I commute in the subway.  Then there are cases when I don't have an image in mind and just start whipping ink away and let the marks lead the way.  This print is one of those done on the spot and in one hour.  I've come to like these better, there's something more organic about them,  there is more movement, and I think that in any artwork is great.  More prints to come!