Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prints of My Paintings

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Prints of my work are now available through Click on the image above and you'll be linked straight to my profile where you can buy prints in a variety of papers, frames, mats, and canvas. So, what are you waiting for, fine art is just a click away!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Something New

Usually when I talk about doing something new, it means I'm working on a new painting. This time not only have I started a new painting, but I'm also working with a new format. In the last couple of weeks I became interested in a circular shaped canvas. Chardin's paintings using this shape or the oval, are some of my favorite works of his career; there's something very dream like about them and also more complete. I wanted to find out if I could work with this shape, and I gave in to my impulse and bought a 12 inch circle. I didn't waste any time, I haven't been excited about a painting this much in a long time; I set up a number of possible arrangements in my kitchen counter, set up my paints and easel and I began work on this still life. What you are seeing is the first layer of paint, the rough lay out of shapes, tones, light and shadow, etc. This fast sketch only uses earth tones, little by little I'll be adding more chromatic colors to make the painting feel contemporary; I love Chardin, but I don't want to copy him. Crossing my fingers this turns out well.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Farewell Atlantic!

Welcome to Atlantic Book Shop, a cozy little used and rare book shop located in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. I found out about this place a while back after their move from downtown Manhattan, and since I've been wanting to visit and rummage through the stacks but, as many New Yorkers will know, you only go into Manhattan and back to the neighborhood you live in. Living in Astoria, Queens, the thought of making a hike down to Brooklyn on a day of can bee a little too much to ask for.
This week I had to get myself together and go and see for myself what this place is about. Most of the reason for finally getting there is because I found out this wonderful shop will close it's doors at the end of the month, and all books are at 30% off. Not bad for a place with a great selection of books at an already low price.
I was in a candy store, my hands were all over the stacks pulling books from left and right, eventually I made a stack of my own which had to be carefully looked over with discriminating eyes to whittle it down to the must haves. Luckily there were little circular rolling stools for one to sit on for this kind of occasion.
With titles under art, music, theater, film, poetry, psychology, cooking, etc. there sure is something special to please any one and every one.
Rare books? Sure they have them, even this beautiful Italian nine volume collection of Vasari's Lives of the Artists. Believe me I was tempted to spend the $100 on this collection, but I don't speak Italian and neither do I have the space for them, besides, I had my own collection going on another shelf near by.
Still can't get enough? Around the corner you will find more and more books ready to tickle your brain!

I thought I was done after I picked seven art books, but as I walked deeper in the shop more books caught my attention. One of those books was this one of sonnets. I had to leave it behind, my wallet and arms could not take any more of the stress!
Some of the vintage books available were so delicate, I was afraid to pull them from the shelf. Such was the case with the ones above and some other large size books that seemed straight out of the 17th century!
Don't wait too long to visit this piece of NY history, many similar places are closing their doors due to the economy, the take over of technology, and to big name chains. Atlantic Book Shop is located at 179 Atlantic Ave (between Clinton & Court streets), Brooklyn, NY 11201

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Drawing of Dyanna

Dyanna, 2011, graphite on paper, 15 x 11 inches
This is April's figure drawing from the Teaching Studios. I'm starting to see more growth as I keep working on these month long poses. To start, I had no difficulty fitting the whole figure on the paper, this is a bit hard for me at times, legs get cropped, or heads end up too high on the page. This time Dyanna sits comfortably on a stool, leaning against the wall, with her left leg crossed and it appears intact on the paper! The shadow in this drawing is darker and sharper than previous drawings, this is helping the turning of forms be more defined. For the month of May a male model has been hired, which is something I'm excited about since muscle masses in the male figure are more apparent, creating bigger plays of light and shadow.