Thursday, July 05, 2007


Unexpected, spontaneous things are the best people say. And I couldn't agree more! I didn't get to go into Manhattan to see the 4th of July firework display as I had planned. The day was overcast and by the time I started getting ready it started raining.
So far it had been a relaxing day in my Queens apartment and I just didn't feel like leaving my comfort zone. I also didn't want to deal with large crowds. At the last minute Mikey and I decided to walk towards the East River, at the edge of Queens facing Manhattan hoping to get a good view of the fireworks.
Little did I know that the view from this part of Astoria was so beautiful. Everything was picture perfect; the water, the lights, the city and the bridges. At that moment I couldn't ask for anything better.
After finding a good spot among the many families having cookouts, with about five grills to each group, the sky light up with explosions of beautiful colors. I hope you enjoy these shots which can not compare to the real thing. Happy Independence Day everybody, although one day late!

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