Thursday, September 13, 2007

Working Out Ideas 3

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the ideas that pop into my head. Throughout the day images of possible paintings come to my head, but unfortunately I'm always in the middle of work or something important. So the ideas go away for a little while as I hope that I'll remember them again when I sit down to start a new painting.
Sometimes I'm lucky enough that ideas come at the moment when I'm ready for them. So I grab my pen and sketchbook and draw them out. Sometimes I may jot down some notes on composition and color choices. What seems to happen often is that when I'm cooking or someone else in my house is cooking, things come together to form the perfect painting. Both sketches above and below were done as Mikey cooked some burgers one night.
Other times I think about how I can change a subject that's already been dealt with. Like the first sketch below, a different composition of the Three Peaches I painted not so long ago.
There are times when I grab a camera instead and take multiple shots of groupings of objects. I have a collection of both prints and digital images of future painted still lifes. But nothing beats the creative feeling of drawing them, whether from observation of imagination. The feeling of the pen running through the paper is unparalleled. If I could just now find the time to execute all these ideas!


ParisBreakfasts said...

you shouldn't leave stuff lying around. I took these sketches to France...some look a lot like macarons.
Nice, now do more please :)

Luis Colan said...

You did not take these sketches becasue I have them in my moleskine. I did leave them at work over the weekend one time. And I did think of your macarons after I finished the drawings of the stacked burger buns.