Friday, January 11, 2008

Gallery Night in Chelsea

Judith Bearnstein @ Mitchell Algus Gallery
Chelsea, the gallery district on the west side of Manhattan becomes a party neighborhood on Thursday nights. This is because most gallery openings occur on this night, when free wine and beers fill endless cups and glasses for the art aficionados. There's always a good vibe as you get close to this district on gallery night. People gather outside on the sidewalks and mingle about art among other things.
Jusith Bernstein @ Mitchell Algus Gallery
The different classes, just like in other parts of New York, come together in one small area. Young artsy kids with Converse shoes and torn tight jeans stand side by side with big shots and fashionistas. A fun thing to watch as they socialize. It's nice to see the art on the walls but most are there to network and connect. I'm a novice at this game but I'm slowly learning.
Leemour Pelli @ Daneyal Mahmood Gallery
One of the highlights of this night was this show of Leemour Pelli, tittled My Heart Is In My Stomach, at Deneyal Mahmood Gallery. I was drawn to the scale of these paintings, and what I loved the most was the monochromatic scheme in the series. There were some elements in these works that I usually don't like in others but these had a presence. They had something that clicked in me and I'm still trying to figure out why. I think it all comes done to some of their abstract shapes which at times become grid like.
Leemour Pelli @ Daneyal Mahmood Gallery
The imagery for these paintings are about people in different situations, but instead of portraying them in a traditional manner, the artist used the human skeletal structure. The rib cage was prominent in all of the pieces. Some of the black paintings took on the feel of anatomical studies. It felt like I was looking at chalk boards with drawings of the skeleton in a lab or biology class. A touch of whimsy doesn't hurt every now and then it seems.
Leemour Pelli @ Daneyal Mahmood Gallery
It was a good night for looking at art on Thursday, the shows that I got to see were not bad at all. Bellow are some images from two other galleries.
Michael Salter @ Jeff Bailey Gallery

Judith Bernstein @ Mitchell Algus Gallery

Michael Salter @ Jeff Beiley Gallery

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