Thursday, June 19, 2008

Something New

Started a new painting today. I must say it has been a long and productive night. I met with my friend Josh in Chelsea for gallery night. As I would have suspected not much was going on in the art world today. It's summer and not many things are happening in the gallery district, since most artists, collectors, and gallery owners retreat to their summer homes. The Hamptons is the place to be for this elite group, leaving some hungry art lovers like Josh and I starving for some gallery action. I came home to do some bill paying, laundry and lite studio maintenance. I organized my tubes of paint and put them all in one drawer unit. I have two paint boxes containing small tubes and I needed to keep it all together in one area along with the bigger tubes. Did some more maintenance by sending out some art related emails. With all that aside I had enough time to sketch out a new painting. Here we go again, another onion! This onion will be different than the rest since it will be a red onion, and the color harmony for this painting will be a bit more bold. So far I'm feeling good about it. I guess we'll have to wait and see how this one turns out.

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David R. Darrow said...

Luis, please contact me ( there is no easy-to-find means of contacting you on your blog/website. (It's regarding the "Master List of Daily Painters" on the Daily Painters Guild Website). I need your e-mail address.