Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bee Hive Week 3

Many things have occurred since my last update on Judi's Bee Hive project. Working for her has been a valuable learning experience, lessons on the art world that will come in handy as I try to make it in this city.
Week three of the Bee Hive came and we were ready to apply metal gold leaf in areas of the piece, soon to be followed by beeswax and resin. Many things were happening at the same time in the studio, while Sanae and I worked on the project Judi was on the phone finding art movers and crating companies to move and protect the work.
Countless messages and emails were sent to the gallery in charge of the show in Miami, The Green Project, which was supposed to go up in the Wynwood art district of the city during Art Basel Week.
What's the space like? How much weight can the tent hold? Who's showing with who and where and why? Which painting will be shown along the Bee Hive? Back and forth the questions went on during the week.

Nearing week four of the project, a few days before the art movers were supposed to pick up the hive, Judi made the decision to pull out of the show. Her work was being compromised and many things that were not in the original plans started surfacing as the date approached.
Nothing is in vain though, Judi may have felt a little defeated by the turn of events but work on the hive proceeded as normal. More gold leaf was applied to the inside and a golden light was placed inside the piece. Moving on to week four the hive is pretty much completed, and finishing touches will be put after Judi comes back from Miami after some Bee Hive promotion at Art Basel Miami.

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