Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Changes Happen

At any stage of a painting, some changes have to happen. Perception of color changes, new ways of seeing scale and composition come and go. Some plan for paintings and they always stay on track. In my case that never happens, and even when I do plan I never seem to follow my own guide lines.
I had noticed a few days ago that the composition of this piece could be better. The main building was too dead on center and too flat.
I started to change things, using perspective drawing, or at least trying to. Changed the direction of the building and their placement on the canvas. The horizon line was lowered giving the towers of San Remo more breathing room on top.
Once I figured things out, color was added to hide the previous painting. The blue I had used for the sky needed to change as well. From a cool ultramarine undertone I brought it to a more yellowish tone using Williamsburg's Kings Blue. I was using Old Holland's Kings Blue but it was cooler than what I wanted.
More paint was applied to the tree line in back and to the big darker grouping of trees in the middle ground. Had to work on the water some more, especially since everything reflecting off it had been changed. What I'm beginning to see is that it will take a while and a few other layers of paint to hide some of the drawing lines.
A short, but good, painting night. My brushes are laid to rest, happy they've done some good progress.

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