Sunday, October 18, 2009

Senor de los Milagros NYC

It was a cold fall day on Sunday October 18, 2009. But the winter-like temperature did not stop the Peruvian community of New York from coming out to walk side by side with the venerated Christo Moreno (black Christ).
This is my second year attending the festivity since I moved to New York. I knew that this year I had to come and do my walk with the precession, hoping that maybe this would help me out a little with life in general.
Since I was very little I was drawn to this event. I'm not sure if it was because of religious reasons or because I enjoyed the tradition of it. Mainly I think it's about aesthetics. As I've said before, this crucifixion scene was the first oil painting, as I can recall, that I had seen. This Christ on the cross is what lead me to art and take an interest on 17th century Italian art.
Under a grey sky we walked, incense in the air, prayers being read out loud, and the sound of drums and trumpets flooding the street; this, I could tell, was a strange scene to those who didn't know what it was about. Some smiled, and some looked scared at the site of a crucifixion coming straight to them.

Moving slowly the procession made its way through 51st street. The wind blew hard and drops of water from the sky threaten rain, but we continued with our march. After a few hour of walking in the cold I decided it was time to leave. I was not going to make to the end.

As we crossed 51st and Broadway I said my goodbyes until next year.
For more images from the procession visit my flickr set.

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