Friday, April 02, 2010

New Order

My studio in 2009
It was one of those things that was never right. My studio always felt tight, messy, and had become an unpleasant space to work in. I wasn't sure what it was, and I always felt I couldn't do much with the small space I had and with all the furniture I had acquired. It kept bugging me, and Sunday it finally came to my head how it was supposed to be. I was about to embark on a huge project, rearranging my studio from top to bottom in hopes of attaining a better working space.
My studio now
I spent all of Tuesday moving book shelves, books, canvases, bottles of mediums, and countless other things I had cluttered my studio with. The end result has been more than I expected. I now have a much better, open space where I can be happy at work. I have room for two easels where I can work on multiple paintings.
Everything is within reach, and I'm no longer facing a wall like some punished child on time-out. I've been able to get a every piece of furniture to work together creating a much better system for storing, displaying, and working.
This spring cleaning also made me realized I have way too much paint! Aside from large tubes, I have also amassed a large collection of small tubes. To keep me from buying more I have them out on display on my painting table. I thought they looked great on the drawer and wanted to keep looking at them while I work. This will not only refrain me from buying more, but it will also make me aware the larger color range I can explore in my work.
I couldn't top taking pictures of my tubes of paint. They are like candy to my eyes and I thought some of my fellow painters might appreciate some artist's porn!

Since my studio remake, I haven't been able to stay away from it. This can only mean more painting to come.


Mauricio said...

Hermoso estudio!

Saludos desde Río,

Kitty said...

ha, I have a fetish for art supplies, too. Colored pencils, pens, etc. are symbols of potential energy. I look at them more than use them.

Visual clutter happens so easily... you're smart to keep your space so tidy.