Sunday, August 08, 2010

Rooftop Plein Air

I've been wanting to paint on my rooftop for a while. Even before moving to my new place two months ago I knew I wanted to do a couple of paintings from here during the summer. Inspired by the landscapes from the National Gallery, one late afternoon after work I, took all my supplies up 3 flights of stairs to paint what remained of the day. It was great, standing from this spot I get a view of the north of Astoria, a little to the right I can see the Triborough Bridge (now the RFK Bridge), and further right I have a view of Manhattan. At night, when the city lights are on, this roof can be quite magical. Above is a shot of one and half hours of work...shifting light can be very fast at this time of day. Summer is coming to an end and I'm not sure how many more bright afternoons I'll have before I can finish this painting. I will be working on this in and out of the studio. Let's see how this turns out later.

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