Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Plein Air Paintings

Tree by the Pond, 2011, oil on linen, 8 x 10 inches
I spent two full days at Central Park this week. After days of rain the sun finally came out and without missing a beat I went out to paint. I have been trying to get some outdoor painting time in the last month, mainly because I wanted to practice and perfect my technique as much as possible.
Driprock Arch, 2011, oil on linen, 9 x 10 inches
Something clicked in me these past two days and the quality of my work improved. My colors are more alive and my attention to detail is getting better, I have also noticed that I have a better handle of paint. All this is making me very happy.
Kerbs Boathouse, 2011, oil on linen, 9 x 11 inches
After getting home from the park tonight I pulled out some of my old plein air paintings, some from this year and some from 2009. The change is tremendous, I can't believe how much I have grown as a plein air painter. More to come.

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