Friday, March 16, 2012

Jeffrey Reed

There are times when as you go through your journey as painter other painters come into your periphery, some may awaken a light interest, some may inspire, some may even spark the flame of competition, and in the case of Jeffrey Reed they leave a deep impression. I've never heard of Jeffrey Reed, that's until today while doing my usual internet research in the art community around me. Mr. Reed doesn't seem to have a website for his work, at least none that pulled up by google, but I did find this video and it was enough to get me acquainted with the man and his work. I'll let this video and his paintings do the talking, enjoy and keep seeing the beauty of this world!
"I'm not locked into a certain palette. I usually set up in front of a subject and ask myself how many colors can I get away with, meaning how few colors can I use to capture what's in front of me?"
Jeffrey Reed


Anonymous said...

LOve it!

Luis Colan said...

dear too!!!! be well.