Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back from Italy

Two weeks went by too fast, it seems only a few days ago I was getting ready for my Italian adventure.  This was definitely a memorably trip, mostly because I have never turned out so much work in such a short amount of time.  Although the word work can sometimes have a negative connotation, in this case it was the opposite. I don't think a painter could ask for anything better than to spend mornings and afternoons soaking up the sun of Italy trying to capture her radiance. 
My original goal was to execute twelve to fourteen oils while visiting the towns of Assisi and Cortona. That's easier said than done, especially when the trip had a specific itinerary designed so that all twenty people involved with the workshop could be exposed to the great things Umbria and Tuscany have to offer. 
The final count of work accomplished? Five fully completed paintings, six oils unfinished but close to completion, and one watercolor, which puts it at a total of twelve pieces.  I guess I did meet my goal, and it feels good!
 (Painting in Assisi) 

 (Painting in Cortona)

 (Painting in Cortona)

The quality of the paintings I executed in Italy is perhaps my best yet.  I was able to capture the light and atmosphere of the landscape surrounding me very convincingly, and I think it was because of my excitement of being there. The sites, the colors, the light, my materials, my excitement, it all came together to create magical moments.  
I was happy that my paints and easel did not get taken away at the airport, it was such a relief to see that my suitcase had not been opened upon arrival at Florence. This was my first time traveling internationally with oil colors, which I did not know what to expect, but certainly hoping for the best.  I had also contacted Zecchi ahead of time and had them ship turpentine and sun thickened linseed oil to the guest house in Assisi. The people at Zecchi were very helpful and my shipment arrived quicker than expected.  Paints, mediums, and easel, all were set and it was time to get down to business.
In the next few days I will be posting more about the trip, including the work. Stayed tunned!

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