Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Working on a Big One

This is the year of challenges and growth, and I am not waiting too long to get this ball rolling.  Last week I began work on a large canvas, 20x60 inches, the larges piece I have done since I used to paint larger abstract paintings over eleven years ago. 
This will be a landscape with emphasis on space and with a more abstract approach.  A great part of the surface will focus on the vastness of the Colorado sky and it's immense cloud formations, something I have not experienced anywhere else. 
The images in this post show the first three days of work, which happened rather quickly.  Last night was the fourth session and my vision has become more clear.  For the moment I will leave the painting alone until next week, it will dry while I travel back to Colorado to collect more inspirational images that will help me finish this painting, or help me start a new one.  Who knows what I will see this time around.  More to come!

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