Thursday, June 22, 2017

Plein Air Sundays

Sunday painting at the park continues, and every time I'm there it's hard to believe how peaceful it is by the lake. 
Our painting excursions are starting to attract other painters.  Recently Kyle joined us, and on that day he made a really nice watercolor and gouache sketch.  
Charles continued working on a canvas he started on a previous session, his goal is to paint bigger and to keep going back to the same spot to see  how far he can take one painting. 
Another Sunday and a different area of the lake.  This section of a bridge could barely be made out due to the density of the foliage, but through the magic of painting you can change that and omit things that get in your way.  Wish I had that power in real life.  
Charles brought out a larger canvas that day...boy he's really making my little dinky canvases look bad!  But you try to navigate the NYC subway system in the weekend when everybody is out and about and tell me you prefer a large canvas?
I look so intense when I paint!  Maybe this is why people tend to leave me alone when they encounter me painting, to be honest I prefer it that way.
If only the mosquitoes and other bugs would leave me alone the way people do.  This little corner by the lake was hot zone for all the little critters and I was their feast.  Can't forget to bring bug spray next time! 

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