Friday, September 22, 2017

Single Fare 4: The Show

 My set of three MetroCards hanging 

Last week was the opening of Single Fare 4, a show that has gained a lot of popularity over the years.  There were thousands of cards submitted, not only nationally but from across the world.  With all these great pieces of art hanging on the walls with big crowds trying to get a glimpse of each tiny painting, I was grateful that not only were my three pieces hanging together, but they were also hung at eye level towards the beginning of one of the walls.  I was equally pleased when I found out that the all three had sold at the beginning of the night.  Thank you Single Fare team for the hanging my trees where you did and for all your hard work.  Below are some images of the show.  

Dina Brodsky
 Alonsa Guevara

 Adam Cross

 Riko Colin Chock

 Anders Fernbach

Melinda Whitmore

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