Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sketch On and Sketch Some More

My sketchbook keeps getting filled with ideas, some of these are becoming more detailed, so much so that I think they are more like finished pieces and will not get turned into prints or paintings.  But yah never know...
When people see my sketchbook they become mesmerized by it, I've been told many times that it is an object that deserves to be displayed like a finished piece.  I've been asked if I would even sell my sketchbook.  The answer to that is no, I'm attached to my book and all it's content.  Way too personal to let it go.  I get why people love looking through its pages, I also love looking at other artists sketchbooks and become mesmerized myself.  Speaking about books and sketchbooks I recently got in the mail this cool book "Meyer Schapiro Abroad: Letters to Lillian and Travel Notebooks."  Some of the architectural drawings in it are just exquisite!    
Another recent treat I got myself is a new Faber Castell Loom Fountain Pen in a shinny gun metal finish.  Not only does it look super sexy but it also glides beautifully.  I think I'm in love.
Just look at it, you can't deny how sexy this pen is!  
The new pen led me to pull out another fountain pen I've owned for two years but never used.  This one by Jean Pierre Lepine is a model called Winston and is shaped like a cigar…pretty cool if I do say so myself.  I got new walnut ink for it, I thought it would go nicely with the brown color of the wood body.  Now I get to play with two fountain pens with different colors.
As much as I love my fountain pens I still can give up my UniBall Vision Elite pen, and so I go back and forth. My pen collection keeps growing, the pouch in my back pack is too full and it will not hold any more!  I tried a new case for a couple of days but it was too bulky and it did not hold as many pens as it should, mostly because it was designed to hold pencils and not pens, which tend to be a tittle thicker.
My solution to the bulky case is THIS!  I made this hand stitched leather case for my beloved pens.  Everything is more compact and more stylish than the big boring black case.
I made this case in two nights, I figured out the size and how I would execute it in bed right before going to sleep.  Like a crazed person I was cutting leather late into the night.  The following night while watching random Netflix movies I stitched it up and voila! I had a new pen case for my lovelies.  I know you may be wondering where did i get the leather?  I have a lot left over from that one time I decided to make my own sketchbooks.  I never get rid of things because you never know when you may need them.  Stay tuned for more sketchbook stories.  

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