Moleskine Sketchbook 6, Part 2

Recently I've been obsessing over fountain pens, and it isn't good since these beauties can cost you a pretty penny.  Unlike plastic disposable pens hanging in their carded packaging in drug stores or stationary stores, fountain pens come in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes.  There is a type for every personality or for whatever mood you may be in any given day of the year.  My favorite pen is this wood, cigar shaped Jean Pierre Lepine.  That touch of gold is also classic, and the walnut ink I chose for it makes this pen even more special.  I used this pen for this drawing of my favorite boots on the night before they were put out on the curb.  It was hard for me to part with these boots but they had seen better days, and for me to keep them with me I did a little portrait of them.

I have been mixing it up with my sketches, trying new pens, or mixing media.  For this drawing I thought it would be great to use to colors of pens.  I had something else in mind when I thought of  it, the final sketch turned out too dark, but I still like it.  There's something unsettling about this one, don't you think?

It's always better when you do it in the sheets...drawing that is!  Nothing beats a good morning drawing session in bed while the sun floods the room with light.  What else can top this?  A cup of coffee perhaps, or an aromatic tea?  Either one works, as long as I'm wrapped up in my covers and on fluffy that is living!

Out of bed and on the go, that's how this drawing came about.  This one is a little strange, maybe the density and darkness of the forest is what makes me feel uneasy when I look at it.

If a Micron pen and a gel pen got together and had a love child what would you get?  This Pentel Hybrid Technica would be that child and it will bring you so much joy.  Ok, maybe that was a little over dramatic, but this pen in all reality is great.  Love how it glides and that it comes in different points.  This sketch was created while I had another one, of a tree in Central Park, I had done.  Over the years I have explored the park in different ways, while doing plein air painting and recently as a runner.  Images of little pockets of the park keep coming to mind as I sketch.  It may not be an accurate representation of a specific place in Central Park but the idea of it finds it way into this drawing. 
More sketches and other works coming soon.


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