Moleskine Sketchbook 6, Part 3

It's been a while since I've shared on this blog some of my sketchbook pages, which have become very popular on my Instagram account.  All these pages are from late 2018 and the photos of them are a little bad since back then I had an old iPhone with a horrible camera.  I hope you enjoy this mini tour of my current sketchbook which is almost on the last four pages, I can't wait to move on to a new book! 

One of the things I would like to mention is that it was in this sketchbook that I began mixing pens to get different values and atmospheric effects.  In the drawing above I used a Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen and a Uni Ball Signo gel pen.  The Zebra pen has since become one of my favorite pens to use.

For this drawing I went back to the Zebra ballpoint and brought in my other favorite pen, Uni Ball Vision Elite.  I think from this drawing on I was hooked with the effects of multiple pens. 

When you can't find a model or afford one it's always good to spend time at the museum drawing from sculptures, at least these guys can hold a pose!

This pen has been my best friend for many years, I love how rich the ink is, and how it glides.  Unfortunately this pen was discontinued about a year ago.  When  I found out I purchased 3 boxes of it.  Not sure when I'll run out but the day I do it will be sad one.

This is my first two page layout and it was harder than I thought.  There was so much to cover and also having the binding line in the middle was challenging because you have to make the composition around it and make the two pages unified.

I played with some squares to see how I can break up the space.  These shapes are tougher to deal with than I expected.  It's much harder to create a dynamic composition and stay away from the center.

Here I'm beginning to get comfortable using two pens.  For this drawing I used an e+m ballpoint pen, this baby is sharp and classy.  I love good craftsmanship, and this pen definitely has it.  For the darker areas I used Pentel Hybrid Technica, and just as the name suggests this is a hybrid between a fine liner and a gel pen.  This pen has such a nice glide, a crisp line and rich ink.
More sketchbook pages coming in the near future, make sure to keep checking back...I'm trying to be better about keeping up with this blog.


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