Moleskine Sketchbook 6, Part 4

Since August 2018 I have been slowly filling the pages of my 6th Moleskine Sketchbook, and as I look through the pages I can see the growth for the past two years and it is very exciting and rewarding!  A few days ago I completed the last set of thumbnail sketches on the last two pages,  and without skipping a beat I have already moved on to the next book.  Here are some of the drawings inside my Moleskine Sketchbook No. 6, I hope you enjoy them, and do come back soon since I'll be posting the last few pages in this blog.


You are amazing... with amazing art. Salute.

Richard Daris.
arianna said…
That last one!!!!!!
Luis Colan said…
Thank you very much Richard, cheers!
Luis Colan said…
Thank you Arianna, that drawing was inspired by a huge painting by George Inness which I got to see in person on my last visit to the National Gallery of DC.

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