Thursday, April 05, 2007


Once again, after putting a few hours of work into a painting I decided to restart it. At first it seemed like everything was going the right way, but after after being away from the easel and painting for a couple of days I started to notice some problems. I think the biggest one was the scale of the objects. They seemed to be pushing their way to the ages of the canvas a little too much. They had no room for air. I thought that maybe it was one of those weak moments of doubts, panic attacks that I get in the mid stages of a painting. Like a good trooper I thought, maybe I could make it work, somehow. But after considering the work already done and the direction of where this painting might be heading, I took a mixture of paint and covered it all up. Not wasting any time before the paint dried I laid down a rough sketch, with paint, of the new composition. Everything remains the same as before, the only difference is that I've scaled down all the objects and made the still life feel like it has more space for light and air.


Bob said...

One mans opinion, but I really liked the first painting because there was no air (as you say) It reminded me of being in NYC, Manhattan specifically. Where there is so much to take in and life seems bigger then almost anywhere else.

Luis Colan said...

Hi Bob, I appreciate your comment. I never thought of the first version of this painting as a possible representation of Manhattan, but it does make sense. I had to change it because it was making me feel uncomfortable. Let's just say I'm now giving you a view of the city from the the water!

bob said...

Luis, I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable. Thanks for the new view