Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Year Anniversary!!!

It all started a year ago. I had no idea as to what I was getting myself into, but thanks to the help of Carol I went ahead with it. This blog, at first, was set up as an alternative to my official website which at the moment was taking forever to launch. Unlike the website, this blog was going to force me to put into words my thoughts about the work that I do. I needed to now focus on both painting and the presentation of such in a written form. Little while later I was able to get comfortable with this new way of communication. Things evolved as I used this blog to record my experiences in New York, and the way it shaped my art.

Little did I know that being an artist blogger would be so much more rewarding. In time I was introduced to the world wide community of artists bloggers who not only shared their work for all to see but who also inspired each other by stopping and checking on each others work and offering a piece of advice or just encouraging each other to keep producing. I came in contact with the "Daily Painters", a group of individuals who after being inspired by Duane Keiser took the blog, and art world by storm. Their dedication to creating a piece everyday was a true inspiration and motivation for my work. I too got hooked on the movement, but briefly. I never became a daily painter by choice since I was here to promote my more finished pieces and to share with all the process of my work.

It is within this same year when the "legendary" Moleskine came into my life. A new tool in my development as an artist, this book accompanied me during my train ride commutes to work, or while hanging out in the Big Apple. Many ideas came to me while going about my daily routine, and it has been an advantage and privilege to be able to dig into my bag and pull out this Italian book. This little black sketch book came in very handy as I explored the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art , a place I call my sanctuary.
In this year of blogging I have grown so much as an artist and individual. Trying to keep this exiting and new it made me go out and experience the art scene further than before, as well as the many awesome places this city has to offer. Places like Strand, Farmers Market, and some of the Chelsea Galleries. The timing was right, I was living in Manhattan and everything seemed new. Everything was at a convenient reach. I must say this has been a year of self discovery and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Thank you to all of those who have been visiting this blog and leaving their sincere comments. To all the artists bloggers out there who I have come in contact with I thank you for the inspiration and I admire your dedication to your art.
What's next for me this year and the coming ones, I'm not sure. I'm at a crossroads right now. The reason why I haven't been posting as much. I'm starting to sort out my life, many changes have happened in the last few months. New living situation, new friendships, new experiences, and new ways of looking at my future. My biggest question is, "should I go back to school and get a masters?" If I do I have no clue where it will be, but where ever it is I need to make a decision quick since I have to start getting my financial situation figured out before classes begin on the fall of 2008. I'm thinking of three schools: The New York Studio School, The New York Academy of Art, and the ultimate dream, The Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. For the moment I'm enjoying my Saturday classes at The Art Students League.
Whatever it is the future holds for me I think it will all be positive. At the moment I'm keeping my fingers crossed after submitting my work to four different gallery shows for this summer. I can't believe I did all that this week, getting my new slides and sending them all out! Wow I was busy this week, and I'm sure that will not be the end of it since I'm starting to get more focused on my work and in trying to get my name out there. This blog will be updated when new work is freshly painted and when there's an important show I would like to share with everyone.
Once again, thank you to all the visitors and I hope to hear from many more in the future. Rock on!


ParisBreakfasts said...

WAY 2 GO M.Luis!
We're both 1 year old again :)
BTW did you see the colophony..?

Luis Colan said...

Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Thank you Carol, let's se how long we can both keep this up. Colophony is out of stock!

::Alejandro:: said...


The mariachis are en route...

Here's to another year of great art and great blogging!

Un gran abrazo para mi patita neoyorquino bajopontino pintor blogguero...


Luis Colan said...

Chocherita como estas? Muchisimas gracias por el mensaje. No me traigas mariachis porque con los animos en que estoy su musica me ayudara a golpearme el pecho y a cortarme las venas :)
Un abrazo de este neoyorquino bajopontino pintor blogguero para ti!
Bajopontino, I like that!!!!


::Alejandro:: said...

No te cortes las venas causita, mejor una oreja como Van Gogh ;-)

Susan Borgas said...

Luis it is only recently that I have found your blog but I would like to congratulate you on your twelve months of blogging. I look forward to many more post from you in the future.

Luis Colan said...

Alejandro, that's very funny! It's also a good possibility! :)

Hi Susan, thank you for the warm wishes. I hope to have some interesting posts this year. Take care.

Neil said...

Hi Luis,
My name is Neil, I am considering to apply for MFA in New York Academy of Art. I am looking for a formal classical training. Is this a reason you consider NYAA? I wonder if you could share what you know about the academy, and how it compares to other school that you mentioned.

Luis Colan said...

Hi Neil, good to hear from you. If you are looking for serious formal classical training you should definitely apply to NYAA. I've visited the school and the building and studio spaces are great. The location is in lower Manhattan and can be reached by taking the 1 train to Franklyn street. The staff at this school are some of the best realist painters in the city. The school has a collection of plaster casts of roman sculptures leant by a major museum, I can't remember if it was Corcoran or the National Gallery. One small cool fact is that this school is the only one in North America to have Prince Charles as a patron. How cool is that. I think every year the school throws some sort of ball where students and staff can meet with the Prince.
I'm not sure if you are only lookin in New York, but there's another good school in Connecticut, The Lymme Academy of Art. I've visited this school a few years back and is a nice small campus. Over the years they have been expanding to better serve their students. They are very traditional just like NYAA. Part of the academy's curriculum is to teach students how to make oil paint, something rarely taught in most schools. The location of this academy is very romantic as well, located on the beach town of Old Lymme, CT. If you don't mind the trip to Italy, The Florence Academy of Art is sure to give you what you want. For the first year they will focus on drawing alone, you will not touch paint until the second year. They take their stuff very seious there.
The New York Studio School is a good school but not what you are looking for. They are a mix between traditional and modern, a good conbination since it allows students to learn from all of their different approaches to art. If you get a chance to visit New York schedule an appointment with NYAA and judge for yourself. I liked the school very much, and I think you would too. Take care and good luck with your school hunt.