Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Roasted Peppers

Roasted Peppers, 2007, oil on canvas panel, 8 x 6 inches
Part of the reason why I paint onions is because of the way they take in and bounce light. Due to their many transparent layers light is able to go through and make it glow. But you can only paint them so much before you start to ask yourself what else is there that will display light at its best? The answer was in Mikey's fridge as I looked for subject matter. I picked up this jar of roasted peppers and saw the beautiful orange inside, and the way light made some areas bright and some grey. I had to paint it. Perhaps one of the most challenging things to paint is anything that is see through. Colors need to be crisp for the illusion of glass with reflected light to work. Glass is one of the areas I haven't dealt with much, making this study important to my observation abilities.


ParisBreakfasts said...

This is the BEST thing you've EVER painted!
This is a good direction.
MORE glass jars please!

Luis Colan said...

I'll try to keep them coming carol! Thanks for the comment.