Friday, August 24, 2007

Watercolor 101

Behold the Kremer Pigments watercolor box set! With these fourteen colors I have been trying to get a better handle of the medium. Heavily pigmented pans of color make it easy for an oil painter like me to work with them due to their opaque thick quality. But watercolor is not meant to be opaque. It's beauty is in its transparency and ability to run all over the paper.

As a beginner in the medium I needed all the help I could get. After showing my first paintings to Carol (Paris Breakfasts) she agreed to teach me a few tricks on the trade. Watercolor 101 began on Friday afternoon.

The whole idea about this lesson was on how to lay down color on pools of water. Dropping the brush loaded with some color and allowing it to do its own thing. For a person like me who likes control this was a bit difficult, but I think I got the handle of it. I think I did. I guess she would have to be the judge of that.
The main thing I learned is that paper does make a big difference. I was working with the Moleskine watercolor book, which is nice but for some reason it did not allow the water and colors to run. Instead the colors just sat there and I would have to push them around. This I noticed after I worked with some of Carol's watercolor paper she buys from New York Central.
I was left on my own for a little while to practice. The end results are these puddles of color. Wonder what she'll try to teach me next.

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