Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Landscape 4

Painting is steady lately, with most of my focus on Nando's portrait which I must admit is coming out better than I expected. Portraits are starting to be more fun to paint, it seems like I'm slowly getting over my fear of painting people. But as enjoying as it has been to spend long hours on Nando, I do need a break from it. I begun work on a larger landscape, another subject I'm enjoying, but I know this one's going to give me few headaches. But as always I'm up for the challenge. This will be the second of a series of three Asheville landscapes, and so far I'm up to a good start. The only minor problem I've encountered is the canvas being too loose. I stretched this a while back and since then I've had it against a wall and somehow the canvas stretched and it became hard to paint on. I'm waiting of this first layer of paint to dry so that I could re-stretch it and make it tight.

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