Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update on the Landscape

I have been working on this landscape for a few days, and although I know it's developing fast I still feel like it could and should be faster. No need to rush things if you want them done right but I'm still trying to achieve my goal of finishing it before New Year's.
This is a small detail of the progress in the tress in the far back and in the sky.
Working with green has never been my specialty, and trying to get different shades of it so that the different masses can be distinguishable is difficult. Been looking at Corot books and it makes me so mad how easy he made it look...the guy was a genius.


arianna said...

This - as all of your work - is gorgeous. Okay, so I know I'm no art critic, but still. I'm always impressed.

And YOU make it look easy!! I'm so jealous. :)


p.s. Merry Christmas!! <3

Plastic Cards said...

Very nice work and quiet impressive. I would like see more in future

Tatiana said...

Im digging your "roads" -- really pulls you in.