Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Layers

I resumed work on the latest landscape. It feels so good to paint again, is what I needed most in my life I think. Painting is very therapeutic and relaxing for me, and after a rough week dealing with different aspects of my personal life, there's nothing else I want to do more than spend hours in front of a canvas.
I'm adding more layers to this painting, and the more I add paint the harder it is for me to keep it loose and spontaneous. I'm not looking to render every leaf here, most important is to keep juicy paint moving around. Yes, I said it, juicy paint! This may be one of the most challenging paintings I've done so far, but then again it always seems to be that way with each new painting. But this is more difficult for me since I'm not very good with greens. I can't seem to mix different hues, they all end up looking the same.
But I'm still forging ahead, besides this is such a fun painting. It seems this may take a couple more weeks but I'm not rushing it.

1 comment:

arianna said...

yay juicy paint! ;)

as always, your work looks fabulous to me. of course, i know i don't have anything near an artist's eye, but then again...sometimes it's good to have the approval of the plebian masses, right?? :)

love you <3