Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Out of Control!

Is there a thing as bookaholics anonymous out there? If there is I think I'm ready for my first meeting, and if there isn't I think it's time someone got to it and create such a group! Strand Books took most of my money during the first few years of my stay in New York. I couldn't get enough art books, especially after discovering the heavenly second floor of this store, packed wall to wall, and rack to rack with new and used art catalogs, monographs, and other low priced hard to find jewels. But thanks to work moving uptown it made it a little difficult for me to make it downtown, so Strand was put in the back burner. But after switching jobs to Soho Art I'm downtown again, and yes have taken a few trips to this store. Tonight was such a night and I went on a crazy shopping spree that has finally made me realize that I may need help. I've amounted a large collection of books, at least for a young single guy my age. And I can't stop. I go through the catalogs while I paint, this is my way of finding inspiration and solutions to some of my painting problems. So to some extent this may be a good investment, but the purchase of so many books weights heavy on me, physically and metaphorically, when moving time comes. You would think that after my recent move I might have learned my lesson; no! I bought seven more and I'm feeling a little dirty. But let's put it this way, at least I'm not buying crack or other unuseful substances. I wanted to share my purchase with you since they are really good buys for under twelve dollars each:

The Journal of Eugene Delacroix edited by Hubert Wellington

Paul Cezanne Letters edited by John Rewald

Camille Pissarro: Letters to His Son Lucien edited by John Rewald

Anthony Van Dyck A Life 1599-1641 by Robin Blake

From A High Place A Life of Arshile Gorky by Matthew Spender

James McNeill Whistlre Beyond the Myth by Ronald Anderson

Clement Greenberg A Life by Florence Rubenfeld

So it seems that I will be busy trying to get through all these plus the other books I have on the selves waiting to be opened.


arianna said...

I posted about this exact same problem the other day!!! Haha. You are awesome. I LOVE books. I LOVE the Strand. I could absolutely understand where it could cause a problem for you. :) Especially MOVING! I just moved to a new place, too, (unfortunately still in CT for now...) and I've vowed to pass on more books this year than I take in. So far? I'm even - I've passed on 7, but have also taken on 7. Sigh. I'm trying!!! :)

Luis Colan said...

ha ha, I complain about how much money I spend on books and here I am buying one more last night!!!! It never stops lol