Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Landscape Fever

Think I may have caught Landscape fever! After painting a nice little scene at Central Park on Tuesday, I came to my studio to work on yet another landscape.
Working from a small study and a digital picture, I began to notice that I had made some mistakes with proportions. Changing a painting can be hard for me, even in the early stages. But I want to do this one right, and with a litho pencil I started correcting the areas that weren't working. After a few lines were added I began to add blue to the sky. This is the most important part of the painting because the value of the sky will affect the values and temperatures of the other elements in the painting.
After a few hours that lead me right into early Wednesday, this landscape began to take shape. I'm still working out the temperatures between the sky and the back row of trees. I'm having difficulty working with Williamsburg's Sap Green. Outdoors I paint with Old Holland's Sap Green, a beautiful, semi opaque green. Williamsburg's Sap Green is more transparent and more of an electric green. I think this color might be made with a Phthalo Green, since it's tinting strength is almost unforgiving. I will let this last layer of paint dry and rework some of the greens with a cooler tone. So far I'm enjoying working on this piece.

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