Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preparing for More

The other day I started preparing two large canvases. I had sized these with rabbit skin glue a few months ago and it was time to put down a ground. I find it funny how I'm always stretching, gluing, and laying down grounds for "future" paintings, but I don't get to them. I don't paint as much as I used to. It comes and goes, but on Monday I realized that we are at half of the year and I haven't done much painting. At least nothing significant.
With that in mind I was determined to start work on larger pieces. I intend on enlarging some of the landscape studies I have been doing in Central Park. I already have in mind which will be the first to get flown up. I have also realized that I'm getting in the habit of starting paintings but never finishing them. I have four laying around in my studio and sometimes I wonder how much longer am I going to ignore them. Maybe it's time to get serious and finish them.


babelman said...

I actually really like the way those two paintings look side by side in the photo. Since I tend to gravitate towards the abstract, these really drew me in!

Luis Colan said...

thanks, but I was just in the process of applying an tinted oil ground on the canvas. the ground is oil paint, but with chalk and a lower oil content. at some point I liked the abstract jagged edges my palette knife made and considered leaving them as they were...but I didn't.