Monday, July 12, 2010

Blob Blob, Brush It Baby, Make that Texture Crazy!

I set fear aside not so long ago and dove into the the colorful textured folds of the towel I'm painting for On the Pan. It has taken some time to get the hang of it, I even had to bring out Yellow Heirloom Tomato to study it and figure out how I accomplished the final look.
Looking at the older piece helped tremendously. As it turns out, the layers of color and texture were uneven, which is the total opposite of how I was approaching the new painting.
The blobs of paint looked too organized in the first passes I did, the only way of knocking that down was to take a blade to the painting and shave off some of the work I had done. I started adding paint in a looser manner, trying to stay away from the dotted Seurat look, pointillism is just not how flow. I knew that this piece would require a lot of time and work, but in the last couple of nights progress has been steady and painless. I'm hopping to finish this painting by the end of the month, so it has time to dry before varnishing and framing it for a show in August.
This detail of the painting is what I had done two nights ago. More has been done and it's looking better. More to come soon.

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