Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Week's Figure Drawing

Seated Female, 2010, graphite on paper, 15 x 11 inches
This is the latest figure study from my night sessions at the Art Students League. Not bad for a two night drawing, but I could have done a little better. I used hot pressed Frabriano Artistico, a paper I've never worked with before. I was attracted to the warm tone of the Traditional White, and to the almost plate finish. It wasn't until I began to layer the pencil tones that the paper started to become a little rough, causing smudge like effects in the area where I was working most. The back of the model became smudgy and grainy, my F and 3H pencils weren't doing the trick. I had to work in a very thin HB mechanical pencil for me to even out some rough patches. It's all a learning experience, now I know what to expect from this paper and I'll be able to handle it better next time.

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