Friday, December 03, 2010

New Painting: Small Yellow Onion

Small Yellow Onion, 2010, oil on canvas, 8 x 7 inches
Here's one more onion for the collection of little paintings of onions. After painting a complex landscape I felt the need to go back to something simple. I had nothing in mind when working on this small piece, I just wanted to have fun in capturing the colors of the little onion I came across in my kitchen one night. These small paintings of onions allow me to try new things such as paint brand, paint application, and colors. In this still life I made used of more transparent, high chroma colors such as Old Holland's sap green, Williamsburg's Indian yellow extra deep and transparent red ochre. The two Williamsburg colors are not part of the regular line, they are limited edition colors made in small batches, and I have the luck to have access to such colors. I tend to use Naples yellow when working on my onion still lifes, but this time I decided to stay away from that and used mixtures of yellow ochre, Indian yellow extra deep and nickel yellow. I like the results, and I think I'm hooked on the limited edition Williamsburg paint. I'm not sure what will be next, there are a few projects I need to finish and a few more I would like to start soon. Breath, breath, and take your time I tell myself. More to come!

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