Monday, January 04, 2016

A Happy New Year Indeed!

2016 has started out on the right foot!  As usual Jarod and I escape the craziness of the city for a more quiet setting, and thanks to our friend Brian we have a nice little oasis in the Hudson Valley. On New Years Eve we stayed in and cooked a nice meal and enjoyed each others company with some wine and bubbly. Not a bad idea!
We had a beautiful New Year's Day brunch with friends, which is always a guaranteed good time.  Food was great and more bubbly to go around.
Good company, good friends, a nice book to read by the fireplace, and time to draw; it all sounds like good way to start the year.  As I had mentioned in a previous post, I will be showing a painting in February at Prince Street Gallery, something exciting to look forward to.  Unexpectedly,  I get a call letting me know that I am one of the top three finalists to be awarded a solo show at a popular Lower East Side gallery!
Back to doing more sketches, and let the juices flow!  I have to get more work done this year, and these sketches will help with future paintings and also with the  four nights of monotypes I will be doing this week.  Only a few days into the new year and lots of things going on.  
The crowning moment came last night, when waiting for takeout I get the final email from Dacia Gallery…I was awarded the solo exhibition which opens on Saturday! No time to waste, I spent part of my night varnishing recent work which I'm excited to exhibit. More details about this exhibition to come very soon, stay tuned for that.  In all, I'm having an incredible 2016 already and there are other things in the works that will make it a big year.  Hopefully there will be more exhibitions and chances to show my work to a bigger audience.  Happy New Year to all, 2016 will be a good year! 


arianna said...

Luis, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I know I am a bit late to say that, but that is AMAZING news (although not in the least bit surprising). I'll have to find out how long your show is up so I can come see it!

Happy 2016 - I hope your year continues to go as wonderfully as it started. I know you've already got a lot of awesomeness ahead. And nobody deserves it more than you. xoxo

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