Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Busy at Work

So far it has been a busy summer.  I feel like I have a lot of different things cooking, at a slow simmer, and the final meal is a long way ahead.  The good thing is that I'm working and hoping a couple of projects lead to bigger things.  
After years of having this on my wish list, I finally bit the bullet and purchased Tad Spurgeon's book Living Craft.  I have not been this excited to receive in book in the mail for a long time the way I was with this one.  I have been following Tad's work for more than ten years, back when I used to work for Kremer Pigments.  He shopped with us then, maybe he still does, and that's how I came across his website.  Years of hard work and research have gone into this book which will help the painter interested in art materials and painting practices that have been part of the craft for centuries; the stuff that modern art schools have no clue about.  The reason why I mention this purchase is because I felt I needed a little guidance, it's been a while since I've dealt with raw art materials and I thought he would be a good way to get reacquainted with this part of my past.  And why do I need to brush up (hehehe no pun intended) on oil painting techniques?  Well I will be teaching an oil painting workshop with Kremer Pigments NYC, date still remains to be determined but I am getting myself ready for it.  Funny how we have come full circle.  

Remember the Christmas card commission I wrote about recently?  That's still under way.  I think we are on revision number 7, or is it 8? I don't know, I'm beginning to lose count, but the good news is that were are getting very close to completing the project.  That's if the clients don't change their minds again.  The good thing about this commission is that it got me back into watercolor, I forget how beautiful it can be, so much so that I enrolled in a watercolor making class with Kremer Pigments which will take place tomorrow.  I can't wait!!! I will be documenting the whole thing so make sure to check back in the next couple of days.
After a break of almost four weeks, I finally made it out to Prospect Park for a plein air session.  It was a now or never sort of thing, glad that the 20% chance of rain did not become a reality and was able to enjoy some sun for a good part of the afternoon  
Here's my canvas half way covered.  I was actually pleased as to how much I was able to cover in a short amount of time.  I increased the canvas size by a couple of inches, which can mean a lot when painting outdoor.  I don't know how other painters can paint bigger than 16x20 on site in one session, but I struggle, so I keep my canvas small.  This one is 11x16 I think, a big jump from my usual 9x12. 
Of course, I can't forget about drawing.  Recently I started another one, again all from imagination and allowing the process to guide me and determine the final image.  Not only do I find drawing to be peaceful but it's also a good way of keeping busy when sitting on the couch while the TV is on.  Some new drawings will be posted on this blog, make sure to check back soon.

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