Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Larger Monotypes

Dayglow, 2017, monotype, image 12 x 18 inches, sheet 17 x 23 inches

Last year I decided to get out of my comfort zone and work larger with the monotypes.  They have been hanging around the studio since then, never got the chance to photograph them, but finally I got that done and here they are. 
 Storm Coming, 2017, monotype, image 18 x 12 inches, sheet 23 x 17 inches

The first two images were done from imagination, as most of my smaller prints tend to be.  It was such a liberating experience working larger, I was able to move my arm around more reminding me of my days as an abstract painting working on large canvases.
Paisaje Bucolico, Irlanda, 2017, monotype, image 12 x 18 inches, sheet 17 x 23 inches 

I will continue to work in this size this year, I'm currently sketching out some ideas but soon as I get some new ones done you'll be the first to see.


Aine Scannell said...

Hi there Luis

Wow you are so technically adept at creating these monotypes. I am in awe at your skill...... I have just been having a little go this evening at making 'additive' monotypes, I am using polypropylene transparent plate. I am using akua colour pigment inks and I have added a small amount of "Cuni wax medium" to it (to stiffen it up).

So I was just searching on web to reinvigorate myself.....BY THE WAY...Please add a "follow by email" gadget via your layout page on your blogs 'dashboard'. If you do this then I can sign up and keep in touch. Please let me know once you have done this at aine@ainescannell.com. coz. then I can "follow by email" ............

ps. you should really consider doing some printmaking. Maybe just drypoint to start and then maybe collagraph using pastel ground onto perspex............from looking at your stuff on here....I think you would do really well at it. Then you could make editions and have eg 10 proofs of images to sell etc.

bye for now Aine (based in the UK)

Luis Colan said...

Hi Aine,

Thank you so much for your comment, and my apologies for the delay. You have been added to the group and you will receive updates from this blog direct to your email from now on. Again, thank you for leaving a comment, it's nice to see that this is reaching some people out there, sometimes I think it all gets lost in space and wonder if it's even worth taking the time to keep updating. By the way, if you would like to see more of the monotypes or any of my work and the process of it follow me on Instagram, my handle is @luiscolanart...Instagram has become my main tool to get my artwork out to people. I post on it regularly.
I have tried Lithography in the past and did enjoy it, what I would like to really get into is etching, I have been looking into it since last year, who knows maybe this summer I'll give it a go and register for a class.
Thanks again and happy art making!