Monday, April 02, 2018

Recent Drawings

Untitled, 2017, graphite on paper, 6 x 14 1/2 inches 

Spring has arrived, at least in the calendar, but we are still getting snow in the North East.  Everyone is ready for the weather to warm up so that we can enjoy the little things in life like eating, drinking, and playing outside.  Oh let's not forget painting outside as well...very important.   
Tree Study, 2017, graphite on paper, 14 1/2 x 6 inches 

I have been keeping myself busy in the last few months, despite of what the lack of updates on this blog might say.  Is anybody still reading these things?  Blogging seems like a thing of the past, these days one can't keep up with how quickly new social media apps come up.  My guilty pleasure is Instagram, so if you are not seeing any action on this blog it's because I'm too busy developing the content of my IG account.  If you are on Instagram look for me there and give me a follow.   
Tree Study, 2018, graphite on paper, 14 1/2 x 6 inches 

I have been working on a few drawings, sticking to graphite pencils mostly.  There's a softness that I can get with graphite that lends itself to the feeling that I'm trying to convey, which is of a dream like state where time stands still.  This was not the original intent of the drawings, in fact I was just "doodling" trying to get myself familiar with drawing again. 
Untitled, 2017, graphite on paper, 6 x 14 1/2 inches

Since the first few drawings from spring of last year things have been developing and these guys are starting to find a voice of their own.  I'm currently working on a drawing incorporating watercolor, perhaps not the first time this has been done in history but it is a new thing for me.  I'll share some of that soon, but for now I offer these and hope you enjoy. 
Untitled, 2018, graphite on paper 14 1/2 x 6 inches 

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